*ideas that stick
And the glue is John LaSala*...

I come from a television production background - first paying gig: 15 years old - informed by but not limited to Helvetica, Franklin Gothic and Futura with Revue and Optima thrown in. In Letraset.  My career has shared the arc of technology from analogue to digital to front end development.

And everything in between. I have worked with nearly everyone.**

Prior to computer graphics, I was a mechanical draftsman/graphic artist in San Francisco. In New York City in 1984, I produced, directed and edited a stack of television (52) and radio ads (108) for Jay Rockefeller for Senate. He won. Then the real fun began. The emerging CGI (Symbolics/Wavefront/Paintbox) wave carried me to Turin, Italy (3D animation: Fiat), Cupertino (3D animation: Apple) and the Dakota (hi resolution digital collage before  Photoshop: Yoko Ono). Next, motion design/non-linear editing i.e. After Effects/Avid/Final Cut Pro. I taught computer animation for 14 semesters as an adjunct professor at NYU Film School.   All while owning and running a design studio in New York City. Clients included: General Motors/MITA Copiers/ESPN/The History Channel/Draft Direct/MTA/Blue’s Clues...

I have a deep knowledge of the tools - the above plus Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Keynote - used to produce my work - motion and interactive design are my strong suits. Like a painter knows how to prime a canvas, knows paint and brushes, I know my tools. I use them, I taught them. This is a blessing. Being the “swiss army knife of production” has provided endless challenges to learn and create.

In New York City I created and ran the motion media department for a new agency: Wishbone - adjunct, as gluedesign. There were four employees when I joined, Wishbone grew to 80 employees prior to being sold. Currently, more design - interactive mostly - and a super working and applied knowledge of front end design and development and the tools: HTML5/CSS3/JS. Marketing and advertising consultation from all the years producing media and the same commitment to client and the *idea.

All of the above has been informed by my eye, my belief that design and brand runs deeper than what is on the screen or page. Design and brand is about experience and feeling. And that ineffable *idea.

Let's create it. And make it stick.